Company Profile

t the beginning of its establishment, ZHONGSHAN VITTODENOISE CO,.LTD. aimed to become a high-quality supplier of thermal insulation cotton industry, accumulated more than 20 years of experience in non-woven weaving and filter material production, continued to pay attention to the development of the industry, and was dedicated to the development of new materials. R&D and application, adhering to the concept of green environmental protection, people-oriented, focusing on research and development, pursuing quality, and seeking win-win results.
Relying on the research results of colleges and universities, drawing on the design and research and development concepts of foreign products, and combining with long-term production practical experience, Weiteli adopts high-quality carbon fiber and polyester fiber materials, and uses self-developed composite equipment to produce first-class thermal insulation, heat insulation, Sound-absorbing, noise-reducing, fire-resistant, flame-retardant carbon fiber cotton and polyester fiber cotton, combined with market needs, developed more than a dozen products that maintain commonality and highlight individuality according to different usage scenarios.
Our products are suitable for rail vehicles, automobiles, yachts, airplanes and other industries. They are widely used in the field of rail transit and new energy vehicles that pursue green and environmental protection, and have become the first choice for glass fiber cotton products and asbestos products. Weiteli pays attention to quality, pursues excellence, actively cooperates with colleges and universities, and sets up laboratories to test and supervise the quality of products at any time. It has passed the 1095, 38262, EN45545 and other tests of SGS and other third-party independent institutions, and obtained the ISO system certification.
Weiteli has a plant area of ​​18,000 square meters and a designed annual production capacity of 30 million m³. It will start the production of sound insulation and thermal insulation materials in Jinan and Chongqing branches to meet market demand, so as to increase output and improve service efficiency.

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