We have been committed to the research, development and production of air filter material products


In the field of air filters, vittodenoise materials have invested more resources We can design clean workshops and filter products with various requirements for customers to meet the needs of different customers. 




At the beginning of its establishment, ZHONGSHAN VITTODENOISE CO,.LTD. aimed to become a high-quality supplier of thermal insulation cotton industry, accumulated more than 20 years of experience in non-woven fabric weaving and filter material production, continued to pay attention to the development of the industry, and was dedicated to the development of new materials. R&D and application, adhering to the concept of green environmental protection, people-oriented, focusing on research and development, pursuing quality, and seeking win-win results.

Relying on the research results of colleges and universities, drawing on the design and research and development concepts of foreign products, and combining with long-term production practical experience, Weiteli adopts high-quality 


VITTODENOISE products are widely used in surface coating fields Automotive spray baking equipment and production workshops with high requirements for air purification, etc. 

  • Production capacity
    The self-built factory covers an area of more than 16,000 square meters, with multiple sets of filter material production equipment, professional filter production workshops, and professional testing equipment.
  • Professional team
    In the field of air filters, more resources have been invested to design clean workshops and filter products for various requirements for customers.
  • Production equipment
    Committed to the R&D and production of air filtration material products, we provide the highest quality and most comprehensive air filtration products to domestic and foreign customers.
  • Sales network
    Our company has agents or distributors in all large and medium-sized cities across the country. Our products are exported to dozens of countries and regions, and we have formed an effective marketing network.


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