Aerogel fireproof board

Aerogel fireproof board

The fireproof board series products are compounded by a special process with nano-scale silica aerogel as the main material. The performance is far superior to other traditional insulation materials. It is an ideal new material in the fields of pipelines, transportation, motor vehicles, building insulation and low-temperature equipment insulation.

As a new type of nanomaterial, it has higher cost performance and meets customer needs.

(1) Class A is non-combustible and effective against fire; (2) The thickness of the thermal insulation layer is greatly reduced, and the same effect is lighter and thinner;

(3) Very low thermal conductivity, energy saving and consumption reduction; (4) Water repellency rate as high as 99%, preventing corrosion;

(5) Strong anti-aging performance and longer life; (6) Green environmental protection is safer;

Aerogel fireproof boards are widely used in various pipelines that need thermal insulation such as oil extraction steam pipelines, factory pipelines, and urban heating pipelines; thermal insulation in the construction field; thermal insulation of high-speed trains and other vehicle bodies;

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